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Welcome to the SUGA forums

Post by monkeylicious » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:37 pm

If you are seeing this section, then you are a Guest or Newly Registered User.

We don't like anonymous guests and newly registered minions must be vouched for by an existing active member. So if you want to join in on the fun that is SUGA, then please find an active member to vouch that you are neither a douchebag nor an asshat or any combination thereof. Oh, and being a racist is a no no. Well, you can be one, but you don't get to express your views on the subject matter. Oppressive place this is. Ironic, no?

Some people join forums for information. Some join forums to be active contributors. Some even join forums to have full blown conversations. We know, amazing! If you can speak in complete sentences and understand humor, then you should be fine. We have contests and give away prizes too! You just have to be active in order to participate.

However, some people like joining forums for no reason whatsoever. They have absolutely nothing else to do. Not a tea towel to clean, or a rubber tree plant to move... bupkis. They simply join because they have yet to break free from the standard internet trolling circuit. Well that is great! Congratulations on your chosen profession of being a troll and complete waste of space. We know you will go far in life. For that, we are extremely thankful for your participation in this section of the forum.

If you are simply waiting for your friend to claim you, then welcome! It will be a short wait as we only check grade school references, credit reports, and other forum activity. You know, that one time you posted in the sears do it yourself forum about not being able to use the time life books you bought because the pictures just didn't make any sense? We find it.

If you are one of those Guests who won't receive access to this very important forum on the internet, then please, measure twice, cut once.